VSTron VST for laser sounds

Being in the need of a VST to produce some laser sounds today I googled "vst for laser sounds" and found this:

VST for laser sounds

VSTron is an effective and fun VST unit that is capable of producing different kinds of effects such as Laser sounds , Fast LFO's , Ascending/Descending Sweeps , Filtered madness , Bubbling Bleeps or attacking Ramps.
Initially inspired by the Korg Monotron the VSTron includes 1 Osc ( Saw , Sine , Triangle , Ramp , Pulse , White Noise and Pink Noise ) and 1 VCF Osc with 4 modes ( Low Pass , High Pass , Band Pass , Band Reject ) as well as 1 Main Envelope.

The sound generated is thick and fat and will not fear the deepest degrees of distrortion!


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