Laptop Hell v. 01.1 for Reaktor

Here's a great new ensemble for Reaktor, the Laptop Hell!

Industrial ensemble for Reaktor

As the graphics let figure out it develops some lovely noisy timbres, not too harsh but more towards the metallic.

The graphics are hard to see - but you really don't need to worry about such trivial matters. Just click on buttons, move knobs and sliders, and have fun!

While the GUI is quite straightforward inside the hood there is a cool mess just waiting to be further tweaked by users.

Reaktor Ensemble

If you're into Industrial Music and still don't have NI Reaktor get it because you can't miss this instrument!



  1. Oh wow... I've been trying to find out what programs would be good for this but didn't know what to do once I started. After finals, I'm totally getting balls-deep into some of this stuff.

  2. Reaktor if fantastic... If you make some good industrial ensebles send them to me and I will publish them on the blog!