Barber Pole Flanger VST

Here's another child of the "simple GUI but great sound" family of plug-ins:

Barber Pole Flanger VST plug-in
The sweep of the flanged sound seems to move in only one direction (“up” or “down”) infinitely, instead of sweeping back-and-forth.

It features a simple implementation of the Barber Pole Flanging but it's best feature is when used with all the knobs set to maximum levels. With such a configuration it acts as a "re-synthesizer" giving a typical metallic Vocoder timbre to any sound filtered.

  • 4 different algorithms.

  • Up to 8 stages for smooth and blurry flanging.

  • Independent control of depth and modulation speed.

  • Manual included.

  • Open Source.

Highly recommended!


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