Delfy Creations hand-made electronic musical contraptions

These guys from the UK develop some really nice hand-made synthesizers and effects.

We have a range of 'Delfy Originals' which we sell all the time, and we also sell one-off items, ranging from original circuits to circuit bent toys and instruments!

The boxes look great with those industrial-like cases and they're quite cheap, altought the SSVC-1 v2, my favorite, costs a little more than the others.

hand made synthesizer

The SSVC-1 v2 consists of two parts, one being a circuit bent voice changer, and the other a squarewave oscillator circuit, using the same circuitry as the Delfy SS-1 with added features like a photoresistor you can use like a theremin!

The SS-1 is also worth checking, being the cheaper and most straightforward in use.

The SS-1 is the most popular of all our creations. It's very hands-on and easy to use, while also capable of a huge variety of squeals and squelches.

I'm sure these little tools are great for Industrial sounds! The guys should really send me one over for a review :)

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  1. The SS-1 looks/sounds brilliant! Two knobs=so many sounds. I must check these folks out.