Building an Analog drum module

I just received everything I need to build my own Analog Drum Module:

Drum Synce Clone Parts

Someone managed to convince me that by doing this I will be a even cooler musician, so here I am...digging on resistors, diodes, wires and meaningless boards!

Drum Synce Clone Beard

The module is a DS7 Drum Synce (DC860)and the smaller one is a simple Gate To Trigger Converter.

The DS7 Drum Synce (DC860) is a little analog percussion synthesizer from the 80's made by CORON. This drumsynth was dedicaced to drummers : the DS7 was fixed on the border of a drum to be played/triggered by hitting the drum.


The DS7 contain a VCO +VCA chain. The VCO is modulated by a cheesy LFO and a simple decay envelope trigged by the piezzo cell pulse. The cell work as a pressure/hit sensor. It can be replaced by a jack to be used with any kind of trigg pulses or even gates. In this case the "decay" pot become a "Release" pot ... The VCA is directly controled by the envelope. The LFO can drive the VCO from slow modulation to hi-speed to produce FM like sounds.

I needed some new analog raw meat for the distortion chain... let's see how long it takes to build it :)


  1. New Orleans musician Quintron builds and deploys similar devices in his live act. One of my favorites is his drum buddy, which uses optics? He has motor on a cylinder, which has the drum patterns cut into it. This gives him real time ability to move back and forth, even change the tempos of the songs on the fly while performing.

    Found it on youtube:

    I'm sure you could take something like that and run with it. :)

  2. lovely device! it's the principle of the carillon :)

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