Nipponic Noise Generator VSTi

I am being totally wasted by this VSTi plug-in:

 japan noise generator

It comes from this Japanese website with no information except for a Youtube video:

Anyway any information wouldn't be very the rest of the website is written in the language of rising sun!

Good enough the author added some very detailed information on the GUI itself in the amount of... none! All we know is that there are five stages of... something with cutoffs and volumes. Four additional unnamed slider have shown to be an ADSR envelope and a "FILE" button will ask us for a .WAV to load. Our choice here is not very important as it will serve only as seed for some noise generation.

As long as a note is played the instrument sounds continuously, generating powerful metallic drones.

There are more VSTs there which look interesting. Will be posting about them also!


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  1. ciao
    i link sono morti
    saresti in graod di postarlo? lo usavo anni fa ma non lo trovo più ed è bellissimo