Vermona DRM-1 MKII through AKAI S900 samples

All my musician friends, sooner or later, end up by borrowing me some gear. I still don't have understood why this happen but for sure it makes me happy! This time I had a Vermona for about one week from my friend Fede of System Reboot.

Vermona drum machine

As usual my explorations were in the industrial direction. I found the Vermona very interesting for heavy percussions, besides kickdrums, so I decided to sample it through my beloved AKAI S900 to further enhance this attitude.

The brand Vermona also produces other cool stuff, like analog filters and even springs reverb! I'd like that some friend of mine get some of them so that, sooner or later, they end up by borrowing them to me :)

And again, the very best selection from my sampling safaris is shared:


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