Microtonic kickdrum sampled through BOSS pedal

Ok, I admit that after writing the post about pedal FXs I got a bit over-excited! So I decided to put my ones at work...

In 1998 I bought this BOSS PQ-4 Parametric Equalizer from a small shop in Denmark Street, in London. It was already quite rare and definitely expensive.

BOSS Parametric Equalizer pedal

Back in the days of liveset I used it to process my Roland TR-909.

Today that the mighty drum machine is gone in favor of an analog console I mainly use Microtonic VST to make my kickdrums, so it came quite obvious to me that I had to make a sample kit of those two together!

Sonic Charge ┬ÁTonic VST Plug-in

I've tweaked the stuff @ 100 BPM for 5 minutes, so the kit is quite huge, actually 500 .WAV files.


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