KORG MS-20 Industrial Sounds

I'm borrowing a KORG MS-20 from my friends Armageddon Project. They're focusing more and more on just digital music so they felt like I would really employ it more than them so since two years the unit is in my studio.

KORG MS-20 Samples

This machine really needs no introduction as it is one of the most wanted analog vintage synthesizers of all times!

Even if I own a full MIDI2CV interface from Kenton the main use in my studio is as a filter, wired to a send of the mixer.

Another good use for it is for sound research and sampling safaris: here is a collection of Industrial Sounds in .WAV format done with it and with further analog processing.



  1. downloading now, I have the vst of the ms20 I'd be interested in learning more about how you created these sounds, and see if I can get more industrial sounds out of the softsynth version...


  2. there's no way to remember... I just use the machine from time to time and everytime a good sound comes out I sample it. I use a lot of external effect, so if you're using the VSTi I think you should put a few more different VSTs after.