DtBlkFx VST plug-in

Ok, now this IS weird!


I had this DtBlkFx plug-in since quite a long time but never used it properly. In a recent dig in my VST folder I found it and realize it was worth exploring a bit more its capabilities in the field of Industrial Music Production.

It's quite difficult to say what kind of effect it is...actually its a set of different effects (up to 8), combined to some unpredictable results. There are two FFT display for input and output and the sound is processed by these transforms, can't really understand in which way, anyway...

The output is a bit "empty" and doesn't really fulfill the mix, but for a noisy production it can be very interesting.

The signal can be set completely different from Left to Right, so it can be processed as two different tracks which are related one to each other. This is a feature I'm liking because with analog mixer I get two instruments out of one source.

  • Precision parametric equalizing with sharp-roll off, adjust individual harmonics of a sound.

  • Harmonic based (or comb) filtering, including active harmonic tracking.

  • Various types of noise control, change contrast between loud and soft frequencies, clip frequencies or apply sound smearing.

  • Frequency shifting, harmonic and non-harmonic shifting, including active harmonic repitch.

  • Various methods of mixing left and right channels, standard and harmonic vocoding, convolution like mixing and more.

  • Frequency masking, set harmonic or threshold masks for any effect.

  • Up to 8 effects in series.

  • GUI graphics can be customized.

Link to website with download (free)

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