Sample kit made from a fedback Chorus

I like to force effects to output sound by themselves. Basically it's the principle of auto-oscillation, which applied to a filter lead to one of the most important instruments: the kickdrum.

One of the best way to obtain a sort of auto-oscillation is the feedback. A fedback effect would scream following given patterns that are dictated by its internal structure. By its soul, from a mystical side of view.

I owned this Viscount Gammaverb multieffect since years using it in my mixes as a reverberation unit but since when I build my Stereo Spring Reverb I started to think at some different ways to employ it. Feeding its signal back was the revelation as it produces some nice sound textures.

Viscorp Reverb Chorus

Sadly this is an effect and not an instrument so no MIDI, no CV/GATE, no control, no nothing... so I decided to sample a long clip out of it and organize it in a weird Kontakt program. This way it's possible to actually play it within a musical production.

the kontakt program


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