Muhmood "6200 miles of silence"

A full CD packed with eternal noise textures, recorded from the coldets places on earth! That can come useful as an intro/outro of a song, so I thougt to report it.

From the website:
6200 miles of silence is totally
based on field recordings.
Recorded in the Western
Siberia area which is crossed
by a few huge power lines going
from East to West and from South
to North. The idea was to render in
sound the trip of electric currency
flowing in huge masses across the
vast empty spaces of Russia.
The sound of the album follows
the topography.

sample of noises
01. wind in the cords
02. electrification of udmurtia
03. 8300 pillars of altai
04. 1000 kVolt line


  1. what the fuck! you really think you can rip off someone's project and use it as an intro for your song, huh?... now this says it all about the music you make.

  2. I wrote that it CAN BE useful, for someone reading, not that I did it.